Our Story

We’ve provided Oklahoma and surrounding regions with 2000+ projects since our origin in 1962. Our goal was, and is, to provide you with tailored solutions based on your needs. As a national leader in BIM technology and sustainable design, our firm has grown to over 30 employees with offices in OKC and Norman.

Our Promise

Our reputation is earned by standing for a promise and then over delivering on the value of that promise. Our promise is simple: excellent design, every time. LWPB is dedicated to providing you the best architectural and interior design in the region.

See To Believe

Our Blueprint


Our heart is to serve. We believe that from initial design to completion, our clients come first. We know that serving you creates a lasting impact on your organizations, cities, and states. LWPB partners with you to see your vision realized.


With over 50 years of experience, we know that we’re some of the best in the business. We strive for excellence in every aspect — from the big picture, to the intricate details that make all the difference. We value beauty, hard work, and great design. We are dedicated to providing you with the best at every level, with an unmatched attention to detail.  


We’ve spent decades mastering our craft, embracing new technology, and building a nation-wide reputation of excellence. When you partner with LWPB, we bring you into a process we’re confident in. With hundreds of projects under our belt and years of growth, we believe that our expertise goes unmatched.