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Meet Rebekah Ulm

By 2nd Quarter, LWPB

Meet Rebekah Ulm

“I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work in both the OKC and Norman offices. The Monday after graduation, I started working in the OKC office. The people were wonderful and supportive! I planned to start testing right away before any big life events. Instead, the duplex we were renting got sold out from under us and we got evicted. We weren’t planning to rent after our lease was up that next year, so we jumped into a fixer-upper. We finished the renovation shortly before we had our first child.
The commute to the OKC office never bothered me until the arrival of my first tiny person in June of 2016. Suddenly I had someone to care for and prioritize. Then, the partners let me start working from the Norman office near my home at the time. They were so sweet and actually offered to let me take Nova Belle to work, but she wouldn’t have let anyone get their work done… My goal after graduation was to get my license in a minimal amount of time. It took three years to meet IDP requirements at the time and a series of seven exams. I passed my tests in six months while working full time and nursing an infant and generally feeling like a sleep-deprived, crazy person. Upside, I got my license in July of 2017. (Yay!)
Since then, I’ve had another cute baby, Ples. (After having him, I found out that that’s an uncommon name. It’s a family name and it’s short for pleasant). The partners trusted me to work from home, so I could move back to the family farm. As many already know, our farm is part of our original Indian allotment, so it’s pretty special to us. My kids get to be connected to the land and feed cows with their grandparents. My dad does traditional Choctaw pottery, so my kids get to learn that process from him, too. We had a bonfire just last week and cooked muscle shells for our clay mixture.
We’ve (practically) finished renovating my great-great-great uncle’s farmhouse. Some of the newspaper lining the old 1×12 wall panel dated back to the late 1800s. It’s wonderful to be able to help modernize and breathe new life into our old farm. I do miss a few city amenities – people, proximity to stores, etc. Living in the middle of nowhere has some advantages though – we have a night sky full of stars. We have 400 acres to explore with creeks and ponds and great places to mushroom hunt. Plus, our land abuts the Canadian river, so you’ll know where you can find me once the days grow longer. Life with a one-year-old and a three-year-old is crazy but wonderfully entertaining.”

Seeing Rebekah transform her work life as one of our first employees to work remotely, we knew we could do it as a company if it were ever needed. With all that's changed in our lives this past month, we're happy to report that we're all working safely from home.